Final Major Project – ‘The Secrets of Gradia’

Overview I decided early into conceptualising my final major project that I wanted to delve further into virtual reality. Putting on the headset and feeling present within the game-space has a magical feel to it, like you are viewing 3D spaces through new eyes. The other thing that excites me about virtual reality is its… Continue reading Final Major Project – ‘The Secrets of Gradia’


GAME OVERVIEW Corrections is a political narrative game built using Unity that looks at how good people can become complicit in tyranical systems and terrible acts committed against others. The game is heavily inspired by the quote ““The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” This quote… Continue reading Corrections

The Phone Box Project

Overview The phone box project is an experimental virtual reality experience, where we are trying to show how mental health can leave a people feeling isolated and trapped by using visual techniques to capitalise on the immersive abilities of modern VR devices. We decided to explore virtual reality, as it is an emerging technology that… Continue reading The Phone Box Project

A Game with only 18 Cards

Designing a card game with only 18 cards was daunting and I went through a lot of ideas. I knew from the outset I wanted to create something fun and social, that could be pulled out at social gatherings and parties. Drinking games like ‘Ring of Fire” were a heavy influence while I was conceptualising… Continue reading A Game with only 18 Cards

Interactive Art

The brief to explore procedural art, had a lot of scope to produce something cool and interesting. My initial thought was to generate a project that utilised audio to change colours and rotation of a 3D object, creating a moving piece of art that would that would change depending on the music that was currently… Continue reading Interactive Art

12 Second Unity Physics Game

I decided to keep my twelve second physics game relatively simple. I decided to create a game about balancing objects, using simple 2D rigid bodies. PROTOTYPE The prototype was relatively simple to get working. A rectangle with a rigid body is balanced on a cube that acts as a pivot. Blocks placed on either side… Continue reading 12 Second Unity Physics Game

Avoid & Collect Game

I went through a lot of concepts for the avoid and collect game before settling on my idea to have asteroids rain from the sky that players would have to avoid. For the pickups, I decided to have crystals that spawn when the asteroid collides with the ground. The crystals decrease in value over time… Continue reading Avoid & Collect Game

Escape Room Puzzle

For the escape room puzzle, I knew early on that I wanted to do something that utilised phones as a tool to find the solution. My original idea was using image recognition using the phone camera. However, this would have required a lot of research and did not seem feasibly possible given then time constraints.… Continue reading Escape Room Puzzle

Interactive Picture

INTERACTIVE PICTURE When I was conceptualising the interactive picture project, I was very much set on interpreting the mini brief in a novel way. I decided to collaborate on the project with Sophia, and after some discussion we came up with the idea of an art gallery style experience, where players would be able to… Continue reading Interactive Picture